What should I do before the first visit?

For the health and safety of your pet, make sure your pet is up-to-date on veterinary treatment, including vaccines and sterilization.  A pet who is particularly nervous or difficult to handle makes the grooming process stressful for both your pet and the groomer. If this sounds like your pet, work with an animal behavior specialist or dog trainer.

When making the appointment, inform us about your pet's needs. To provide special handling, we must know in advance whether your pet is geriatric or has a chronic health condition. Also warn us about any habits that could interfere with safe and successful grooming. Keep in mind, too, groomers are not licensed to dispense tranquilizers; if your pet needs sedation to be groomed, find a veterinarian who employs a groomer. Finally, when you drop your pet off, bid your pet good-bye quickly: Emotional departures will increase your pet's stress level. When you pick up your pet, both of you will enjoy that clean, mat-free coat that makes pets—and their people—more comfortable.

Please call 386-1367 anytime for an appointment and ask for Joan Gallant.